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SMIS 2.0 Project Description « SMIS 2.0

SMIS 2.0 Project Description


I am in the process of updating this site.  The original website has been unavailable since early year since I am no longer connected with the Department of Education.  The DepED no longer supports the software and to my knowledge, they are in the process of developing another version of this software.  Nonetheless, I am still maintaining the software for the benefit of the Schools who were piloted under SEDIP.  Please be patient as I am doing this on my own free time.  Thank you.

[signed:  Clement L. Rasul, SMIS 2.0 Developer]

SMIS 2.0 is a web-based school management information system. The system automates student enrolment, tracking, performance, and generation of reports. It also incorporates a teacher module that handles the tracking of teacher workload and attendance to training programs; announcement module to handle school events; inventory module to handle school asset management; and planning module to facilitate plan preparation.

SMIS 2.0 is not a general purpose school management information system that is designed to address the needs of other countries. The objective of the project is to create a school management information system that is attune to the requirements of the Philippine’s Department of Education.

SMIS 2.0 is designed as a multi-user, multi-platform, modular, and scale-able computer system. It can handle small to large datasets with storage limitations limited only by the hardware it is running.

The system uses XAMPP package containing Apache, MySQL, and PHP software. It is currently packaged under Windows and Linux, but it can also be installed on Unix and Mac OS X.

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